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    Quote Originally Posted by NOMADIC View Post

    there's where your deposits are going. haha, just kidding, well maybe a little. I was driving past the airport and saw the red logo on that suv (tank) and was like, whhaa! so I had to take a pic.
    Nice. I saw Jarred driving around about 2 weeks ago at the end of the 55 freeway. I noticed the logo so I had to get his attention, wave, and pretend I'm important. :D

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    Looks like you would need a second mortgage just to fill it up. Whats the range on that monster?

    Joe C.

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    All right, who ya' gotta "#*!?" to get a sticker? :D

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    You don't have to you can now buy one ..
    Workflow Wizard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emanuel View Post
    Fair words! You sum some thoughts...and some RED reservation holders/supporters feelings (same POV) too.

    EDIT -- As I have already been supporting (or some other future REDusers, as well), RED is and will always be ours. And you guys sorry some rant (if it seems or feels in that way :D) but RED is more ours than «the digital (cinema) camera project» of any one else...
    same side here..
    "The BBC alow the EX1/3 to be used on SD productions, the 5D is not considered aceptable to the BBC for SD Production"

    the most funny post ever is courtesy of gang's good friend.. mr Williams.. old stephen forums
    on Oct 30 2009

    link to gang's former avatar

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    There is one unofficial milestone RED will likely cross on another forum rather than this one. That moment will occur when any "disrespectful heckler" becomes the first to take public credit for making the RED camera better with their "feedback". This is SOP for that type of character, like the general that rushes to the front as the shooting stops.

    In contrast, RED's General J. has been out front and taking it even when it wasn't necessary. Anyone with historical business perspective would have to appreciate his commitment on several levels.

    Give em Hell, General!

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    I came to this forum in the first place, because it helped me to enjoy the anticipation. Then I realised that a lot of talented and intelligent people were offering good information, which has helped me plan budgets, lens choice, workflow and other aspects of production, before the camera even ships. It's a useful site for Red users, and as such, I'm delighted if skeptics are removed. With that said, I do enjoy reading the odd skeptic from time to time, because I have a reservation and they don't, and they're starting to hurt because (deep down) they know they should have taken the leap.
    Christopher Kenworthy

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    It was a no-brainer leap after I saw the posted footage.
    I have shot 35MM, 16MM, HDCAM, VariCam yada yada yada.....
    I look forward to NAB and the RED footage to follow.....

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