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Hi Mike. What is known is that each of the various Canon lenses have differing numbers of steps, ranging from the high hundreds to the several thousands depending on the lens. These steps are not distributed in a linear fashion, but fall with greater density in the closer focus ranges where they are needed. The Birger will re-map these steps to a fixed high number of linear steps (4000 ish) on their controller knob using the full rotation of the knob for each lens.

What is not known (until L.A.R.T) are great number of important details, my personal list includes;

1.) What is the process used for mapping a lens? Does it happen each time the mount is powered up?

2.) What is the tactile response of the knob? How quick and responsive to commands will it work? Will slow focus creeps be very smooth or exhibit stutter?

3.) How do you control iris? I _think_ you simply throw a switch on the knob to change from focus to iris.

4.) On power up, does both focus and iris return to the last settings?

5.) How rugged and dependable is it? Will it work when in an active physical enviroment with lots of camera ballistics?

And on and on.

Personally, I really hope it's all that and a bag of chips. We'll see...
These are the exact things I would like to know too. I actually pre-ordered 2 focus knobs and 2 cables just incase I needed 2 wheels (one for Iris, one for focus). I will cancel one of the knobs if it turns out you can flip a switch between the two.