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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan I View Post
    Im sure Litepanels are the innovaters of LED lighting for video and still photography with the ability to dim and change color temp.
    With all sincere respect for Litepanels, LED lighting is not their invention. And I have to say that the idea that they can claim exclusivity (patentability) in using it for photography is absurd, whether it is legal or not. Imagine if someone had a patent on the idea of a ceiling light fixture. How ridiculous is that?

    LEDs have been available with the ability to dim and change color for years, with early usage in signage and architectural applications. Companies like Osram Sylvania and Phillips make the technology (just as they make fluorescent lighting). But there are real differences in the quality and color rendition of various LED packages. That quality is what these Litepanels and Zabolights and the others ought to be competing on. Who got there first with the packaging of readily purchasable technology is just not important. Who does it better is what ought to matter to us.

    DISCLAIMER: I have no connection with any of the LED lighting companies, and no idea whose product is better.
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    Too bad they are made in the U.S.A. so that may not be an issue.
    Well, in the end it is my strong believe that this zabolights are just rebranded socanland LED fixtures.
    I have two of them and nowadays the pop up everywhere under different names. Here in Switzerland they are called SAGLED.
    You can find them here:

    Made in America? I don't think so.

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    They look interesting but Im sure you may well be right about the rebranding. I posted else where that the Dedo Tecpro Fellini Click appears to be identical to the Z96 LED light. Theres a dramatic pice difference but the unit is so far as I can see the same. The device isnt built to last for ever but at the price it sells for it has its uses and is good value for the money.
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