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    If you're having any technical problems or have any serious technical questions, your absolute best bet is to contact RED directly. These forums are naturally very RED-centric and can be a great resource for education and discussion but when push comes to shove and you need help now, you should contact RED!

    Feel free to make a discussion thread on your difficulties as well [people here are always happy to help!], just be sure to get in touch with RED first to get the fastest and most accurate answer to your questions. Then post your findings here! That way everybody can learn from your experience but you get the fastest and most accurate response.

    To contact RED technical support:

    Click here and submit an inquiry online. The Bomb Squad [RED's tech support ninjas] are there 24/7 to help. Following that number will also lead you to a phone number you can call.

    When you're on set and everybody is looking at you for a solution... making a new thread on REDuser is definitely not the best plan! Just get in touch with RED and they'll sort you out. Then tell us about it after the fire is put out. :)
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