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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeman View Post
    That's a tad high Shawn.

    Actually, Curt said from $1350 to $1500, I added the extra $500 for pad. As a matter of fact, I always add some pad because no matter what... it always costs a little more. But that is just me. YMMV Shawn.
    I think you guys are both wrong about the price. AFIK, the only price I've ever seen listed was $1200-$1500.

    EDIT: Oops. Nevermind. I found a price listed at $1k here.

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    At the moment this looks like a CAD render, not a matt box at all.
    Any ETA for a working prototype sitting on a camera body with
    weight and filter tray specs?
    No info equals no matt box IMHO.
    Go on, show me I'm wrong, I dare ya.

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    I double dare ya

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    Wow. Yet another great development. I didn't want to give my money to Arri, particularly at their price points. I'd rather create my own cardboard mattebox with taped filters!

    Now I know where I'm buying my mattebox. ChristmasKa has come early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedCrosser View Post
    Christmas has come early.
    More like Easter! But I'd settle for Valentine's Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Guy View Post
    And the guys at RedRock are puking
    Unlikely. RedRock is $500. Red would have to release theirs at $1,000 or below to really compete. I'm expecting this RedMatte at $1500

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    One dollar One dollar!... oh wait this isn't the price is right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by im.thatoneguy View Post
    One dollar One dollar!... oh wait this isn't the price is right.
    LMAO... Lesson learned. NEVER pad the "Showcase Showdown".:)

    Shawn, I hope your right about the price, then maybe I can afford some of this great whiskey you speak of so fondly.

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    This is great news it does look pretty awesome. I was thinking that maybe with the rest of the Red mentality of modularity that the matte box could accommodate 1, 2, or 3 filters.

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    I'm already assuming matte box and follow focus are on the way. I want to see the red head and tripod... and even more so - the RED dolly. :)
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