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    CS: Of course, this isn't your first time working with 3D. How is the technology progressing? What has changed since the last "Resident Evil"?

    Bolt: Cameras are getting smaller. We're about to start shooting this new "Resident Evil" and we're using the RED EPIC camera. It's about 50 percent smaller than the Sony F35s that we used on "Resident Evil 4" or even the ARRI Alexa that we used on "Three Musketeers." What that means is that there are certain camera rigs that you can make for 3D that you couldn't do before. It was just impossible. Steadicam in 3D is going to become easier. Basically, the cameras are becoming closer and closer to 2D and what you can do with them. It's all about ease of moment.

    12:21 Paul W.S. Anderson Talks about the RED Epic cameras and how he’s using them on the new Resident Evil film.
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    EPIC is really doing great!
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