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    hello guys wondering what do i need to do full 5k playback on Mac Pro Xeon 3500 QuadCore 16Gb DDR3 Ram G-Raid Sata i really need ssd? it playbacks 1/2 but after few seconds it chokes
    so which parts of computer most important for playback?
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    What part of your system is most important for playback of Red footage?

    The whole computer. Is this a trick question?

    You need to test your drives. You have to sustain a data rate in excess that of your codec. In the case of Red One 42MB/s.

    I recommend using AJA System Test or BlackMagic Disk Speed Test. Most G-RAID drives won't make the cut.

    If you are editing Red footage ... well you have to ask how many layers of footage are you likely to be using. If you are using ten layers of footage in your projects ... then your storage solution has to be able to sustain 420MB/s in order to give smooth real time playback.

    For myself, I rarely use more than 3 layers, and I often have just one layer of video in a timeline ... so I tend to specify disk systems that can play back two layers of uncompressed HD 1080/24p in real time.

    From a processor perspective ... there are no systems that can handle playback of Red 4k footage at full resolution in CPU only. There probably won't be for the foreseeable future. So, the fastest computer you can afford is the right computer for Red.

    Thank goodness for GPU's!! They help a lot. An Apple stock ATI 5770 will give 12-18 fps in DaVinci Resolve.

    An Nvidia Quadro 4000 should give real time playback in Premiere. In Resolve, you need to have a separate GUI video card for best performance.

    If you are playing back two layers regularly, then you need two CUDA capable video cards for Resolve to stay real time. With Premiere you need a Red Rocket.

    Hopefully that gets you on the right road ... but I assure you its not the whole picture.

    Good Luck!
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    What compression rate did you shoot in?
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