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  #1 REDCINE-X Professional Build 7 Beta... 
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    REDCINE-X Professional Build 7 Beta
    • Fixed: Potential misformatting of iXML notes section when exported to an ALE file.
    • Fixed: Look presets not getting saved if created in the Defaults folder.
    • Fixed: Moving the Magic Motion slider not updating the Viewer in some cases.
    • Fixed: Audio sample rate bug.
    • Added: Timecode option to the export preset dialog box.
    • Added: SCARLET-X metadata support.

    Mac Package:

    Windows Installers:

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    "Everything in life changes... including our camera specs and delivery dates..."

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    Does it come with Scarlet X footage ? Feel free to ship mine and I would be happy to post some to test :) Thanks Jim
    Oregon Based Cinematographer / Creator of Kira an innovative new high-speed camera robot.

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    Sorry to post such a mundane question, but if using Epic footage, is there a reason to use RCX Pro Beta over RCX release version?

    I have an Epic job coming up and need to start some testing.
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    Thanks a lot Jim. If you ever occasionally wonder if your efforts (and those of RED) are truly appreciated, please know that they are.

    Matt Fleming - VFX, Matchmoving, & CGI

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    Beautiful software Jim. Kudos to your team.

    Been eyeing the Scarlet, and I admit playing around with REDCINE-X (and Epic footage from a promo reel) has been the argument that has tipped me towards purchasing one.

    I thought 4k footage would be a bitch for my MBP17 to swallow. I was wrong. .r3d files in Premiere Pro are also a delight to work with.

    I'm stoked.

    And a bit drunk from this fine chianti. Hence my permanently crooked glasses.

    Cheers mate.

    A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has when he buys himself some paper.
    Stanley Kubrick
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    next up Plug in support
    EPIC-X #2046 "Christopher"
    SCARLET-X #2304 "ARRI"
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    Pretty good from Fiji. I hope I'm guessing've certainly earned it.

    ps Making Scarlet the Epic S is brilliant. Wasn't gonna get one, now I am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luc Bouvrette View Post
    And a bit drunk from this fine chianti. Hence my permanently crooked glasses.
    REDcineX Pro goes well with red wines and scotch. :)
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    Any mention of Scarlet X excites me.
    Windsong | My Site

    EPIC DRAGON, Canon Glass, G&E Cargo Van.
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    The novello's are out right now in the Chianti. The season was early this year. I love those fresh young wines.

    It's either scotch or vino, but I never mix. :)
    "Colors are the wounds of light."
    -William Blake
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