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    I got some alternative standard 80mm caps. Soft touch surface, and good fit for the 80mm Cine Rings. How does it compare to the original Cordvision Cine Cap? The Cordvision Cine Cap is a bit more rugged but has a less uniform surface finish. Both caps work perfectly well to protect your lenses. Picture of this alternative cap is attached below (one advantage is that there is no logo on the front, so it makes it easy to attach your lens label).

    $14/each for Redusers (PM me). Shipping is $17 (US and International). Will ship the caps with priority mail (incl. tracking) directly from Switzerland. Shipping takes approximately a week.
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    Just got more original Cordvision Cine Caps in :)
    They also have a very tight fit which lots of people like about them (I don't see them falling off in your lens case).
    $16 each for Redusers. Pm me if interested.
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