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    Dear All,

    OK, so my project consists in95% of XDCAM EX clips, and only the remaining 5% are 4k R3Ds. I decided to render it as a whole, rather then create intermediates in Redcine-x Pro. The more so that it's been my goal to do some Pan & Scan, using HD cropping window...

    Well, in most part the results are OK. The full size RED material looks great, even the windows cropped to 1920x1080 are only tad softer than XDCAM EX. However, in one particular point I used an even smaller crop - I wanted to enlarge an area in a window size of my planned delivery (DVD - 720x576, widescreen Pal). Unfortunately, after rendering the whole project to this format, that particular window looks terribly soft!

    This is a nasty surprise to me - I was sure that if I use a 720x576 window of the 4K source, and render it to 720x576, I'll get sort of "pixel-to-pixal mapping" in terms of resolution - yet it clearly lacks pixels! Why is that?

    I've set Imag Detail and OLPF Compensation to High, so I really don't know what else I could do to preserve the resolution... Any advise?

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    I don't understand all this talk about proxies and debayering? Why do I have to debayer r3D files for use in Vegas? I'm currently working on a project shot with the Red One and editing it in Vegas. I just drop the r3d files onto the timeline like any other format. Vegas also has a nice properties window for r3d clips that enables me to control all the metadata. Am I missing something?
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