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    First let me say that I have a love of building things myself sometimes this can lead to projects that are fun but probably more expensive than if I had just bought the thing in the first place. But did I mention fun?

    So I needed to get a set of apple boxes and wanted high quality ones. The ones that I found seemed nice but kinda pricey (with shipping). Plus I wanted like a set and a half so I could make 2 pairs of every size (x1 8" x2 4" x1 2" x2 1").

    I went to a nice local hardwood store and bought a 5x5 sheet of 3/4" 13 ply A-1 baltic birch and 5x5 1/4" (7 ply?) A-1 baltic birch for a total of $150.

    Then I went to work...



    More routing:


    Cutting plugs:

    Drilling screw holes:

    Box glued, screwed, assembled and plugged:


    Edge Rounding Routing:

    More Routing:

    And the finished product:

    I think I am going to burn in our logo and stain them grey but I am happy with the way they turned out.

    Things to consider before you build your own...
    Is it really worth it? I thought it was but I have all of the tooling to do it properly and the knowledge to use them.
    If I counted the cost of my time to make these they would be VERY expensive apple boxes (about 8 hours).

    Now I had fun building these and I know that they will last me a long time but if you don't have the right tools it could be very frustrating.

    Tools I used:
    Table saw
    Pneumatic Stapler
    Plug cutter
    Plunge Router (with lots of different bits)
    Sander (rotary and palm)
    and a number of common smaller hand tools

    If you need to know apple box dimensions here they are:

    Please don't ask how I laid out my plywood cuts I don't remember and if you can't figure it out on your own please see the links below.

    So I hope this helps some people. If you are thinking about it but are at all uncertain about how you will do it or how they will turn out I would consider purchasing them.

    Here are some excellent apple boxes:
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