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    I'm finishing up my shoot in Mississippi right now. I had 1 RED brick on the camera, 2 in my bag, and the DP had 2 in his baggage. We never had a day where we used more than 4. Honestly I think 3-4 bricks is probably enough for an entire day without charging. If you have a charger 3 is perfect. TSA guidelines in this case aren't too bad =)
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    I always get stopped, but now because of the new scanners I opt out anyway. No way will I go through one of those. There's a reason they stopped using those in Europe. I love how I have to school the TSA on those things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarek Zabczynski View Post
    I always get stopped, but now because of the new scanners I opt out anyway. No way will I go through one of those. There's a reason they stopped using those in Europe. I love how I have to school the TSA on those things.
    I thought I was the only one that opt opts out every time! It's a pain every time, but it's better than any amount of extra radiation you might get.
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    I was in Nashville in 2010 to shoot an interview with Nicky Hayden for Oakley. When leaving, I went through the screening and one of the RED V-Bricks kept getting flagged as having explosive traces. I guess they have sniffers in the x-ray machine because they got the alert right out of the machine. They swabbed the equipment, narrowed it down to one of my 2 batteries. They re-ran the x-ray again and then the TSA agent said he was going to call the BDE. I asked what that meant and he said Bomb Disposal Expert! This tall, fit gentleman in a nice suit came over. His manner was one of trained military. He looked at the battery and had TSA x-ray it one more time while he watched. He asked me if I had been around explosives lately and I said no, but the gear belonged to Oakley and several people use it and sometimes there are pyrotechnics involved in shoots. He wanted to know if I knew this battery had been used in that scenario, I said I did not for a fact. He said he knew it was a battery and it had just been exposed to explosives on the outside, so he took my ID and boarding pass photographed them with his phone and let me go to the plane. He was very polite and very smart. That all took about an hour.

    I have been through that airport a few times since and consider it one of the most professional TSA crews, no one was ever freaking out.

    When I get back to the Oakley video office I am telling the story and one of the team there says, "Oh yeah they were doing a back country snow board shoot and they split the gear up between several people and one of guys was the one who uses explosives to blast avalanches". I look at him and asked him why he didn't say anything earlier? He just forgot about it until I mentioned it. The next shoot he went on, he took the camera body from that shoot he forgot to tell me about, and he spent about 90 minutes with the TSA. Same traces of explosives. He said that wasn't as bad as what they did to the guy behind him who started touching his belongings to push them through the x-ray machine, because he was impatient. They hauled that guy away to another room. DO NOT ever touch another passengers stuff because if it comes up for review they are wondering why you were messing with other peoples belongings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Iannone View Post
    Wait... You don't mean that you bring 210 Wh batteries onboard planes, do you?

    Yes I do Brian... ;)
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    Quick little tidbit. I loaned a friend of mine 2x190wh GMP batteries for his shoot in Japan for a documentary. He managed to make it there ok with my batteries, however, didnt have the same luck coming back.. Luckily he's a nice guy and didnt tell me to piss off and replaced them for me. But I have to say that it makes me concerned to pack them up and take them on a pane again.
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