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    Ive been playing around with settings for capturing a sharp still frame of action sport. Its been tough. 1/1000th on my stills camera freezes pretty much any sporting moment whereas 1/1000th on the epic video still has a lot of blur. Im shooting 5k 3:1 250iso 25fps. Got to keep noise low, compression low, still get enough light to the sensor while giving myself enough dof to hold a sharp focus shot (on 600mm lens) Tricky!
    Im interested in the HDRX idea. Id love more info.
    I think with the right lighting on a fashion shoot and shooting a semi fast shutter angle/speed, whatever you can freeze your model enough to pull a sharp frame. Someone hitting a tennis ball or kickflipping a skateboard or similar shot tight its much harder to get that frozen moment.
    Id love to hear from other photographers who have shot action sports and how theyre results have worked out?
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    This feature hasn't been enabled yet.
    Brett Clements
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    here are some results from my first motion to stills test:

    most were taken with a shutterspeed between 1/500 and 1/1000 of a sec and I'm quite happy with the results. desperately waiting for a flash sync option though.
    Dr. Dominik Münch D.O.C.A
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    Is it confirmed that a dedicated "stills mode" is no longer in the works? E.g. we're going to have to pull stills from a video stream as per this suggested workflow?

    I realize in theory this should be more than adequate, but in practice, as soon as power management comes into play, it's not nearly as functional. If you're taking stills one frame at a time with moderate power management enabled there's no telling how long a REDvolt will last (as the camera will be in standby most of the time only coming on full blast when you take the picture.) Same thing on the REDmag side; with single frame capture a 64gig will last all day, even at 5k/3:1.

    I'm under the impression that kitting the Epic/Scarlet like a Hasselblad -- Brain, SSD, Side Handle, EVF? -- would be sweet if it could last half a day (hell, just 2hours would be great), but that will not happen if you're taking clips to pull stills from, even if they're only 2-3second... Doubly-true if you can't delete single clips off the REDmag.

    Can anyone offer any clarity (reasoning) on this? I mean, if it's technologically not feasible that's one thing, but I'm under the impression that the only reason stuff like this isn't being implemented is because RED doesn't see a need for it (and I'm obviously saying it has huge functional advantages.) Plus RED advocates options in post, so it's counterintuitive that they would dictate stills functionality.
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