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  1. #1 redmote won't pair or connect to windows machine 
    Trying to get my new redmote set up. Firmware is v2.0.2 from the factory, camera is 1.6.42. It refuses to pair - camera shows "searching", but the list of wireless devices comes up empty every time.

    I tried connecting the redmote to a computer, but it comes up as "Unrecognized Device" instead of "USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget". Windows tosses out an error balloon: "One of the devices connected to your computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it." Won't let me install the driver.

    I'll put a ticket in next - but thought I'd try the forums first.
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    Yep - read that thread already. That's how I discovered the "RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget" designation. As mentioned above, my redmote is not showing up as it should, and I can't install a driver for it. So I'm stuck at the beginning of the process.

    Aside from that - the firmware appears to already be up to date, so not sure why the camera won't discover it.
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    Solved, thanks to Red support. Updated camera to 2.0.5. RedMote paired successfully. For some reason, updating the camera also caused the RedMote to properly show up as "RDNIS Gadget" when connected to windoze machine. Windows, however, still couldn't find an appropriate driver. Googling a bit turned up this:

    Followed the instructions in Part 4 RDNIS, ignored the dire warnings about malfunctions & system instability that Windows tossed at me, and voila - was able to use RedMote update utility.

    I'd still like an "official" driver that doesn't scream at me about how it's the wrong one - but seems like everything's functional at least.
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    Hi Mitch

    Your tip just made my day.
    This should become a sticky for Redmote Upgrades.

    Thanks a lot

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    We've been working on a fix to the REDmote upgrade installer so that you won't need to use this work-around in the future.
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    Would like to publicly thank Trent for essentially writing a "new" installer that worked on my previously rebellious Windows machine.
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