Thread: An open letter to Red User about the Zacuto Tests

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    +1 on Toya. If Crononweth is busy...

    Anyone from LitIron or OH free?
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    Crononweth most definitely!
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    If David Mullen wants to do it and is available, I believe he has earned the chance to turn it down with his 5,000+posts. All of which have been hugely helpful to Redusers as well as the broader online film community. Not to mention, his art is captivating and always well executed. It's David's general demeanor and calmness that I admire most. That's something us Redusers could use a little more of, and something I think the Zacuto tests and Red would benefit from. I can think of no better representative of Reduser then Mr. Mullen. Of course, he has also earned the right to say no too, but something tells me he might think this is fun :)

    Right behind him would be Toia in my book. That guy has shared many a valuable test and generally makes the Red cameras and their workflow shine. Maybe a Mullen/Toia combo could be cool?
    Clint Lealos
    Director of Photography

    Yeah, that's a forklift tattoo. I wasn't always a cinematographer :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint Lealos View Post

    Right behind him would be Toia in my book. That guy has shared many a valuable test and generally makes the Red cameras and their workflow shine. Maybe a Mullen/Toia combo could be cool?
    That is a great idea.
    Christian Muñoz-Donoso

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    Regardless, everyone that has been mentioned so far is qualified in my opinion. I'd love to see what any of them brought to the table.

    I do see the artistic but level approach David Mullen provides to all cameras as a benefit. The other candidates posses these attributes, surely, but I have repeatedly appreciated his matter of fact way of communicating.

    +1 to a Mullen/Toia combo. That would be very interesting!

    Looking forward to it. :)
    Pierce Cook
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Lynch View Post
    As many of you know Zacuto produces a digital camera comparison every year. We’re putting together our next test and we’ll be including the Epic as many of you asked us to do last year. We want the Epic to look it’s very best so we are asking the Red community to nominate the best RED cinematographer and or RED technician to represent the very best Red has to offer and make your camera look the best it possibly can.

    The testing this year will be a lot different then the shootouts we’ve done in the past. Our administrator Bruce Logan, ASC is designing a practical scene in studio on a controlled set where we will try to emulate a real apartment location. We’ll have a blown out window, dark shadow areas, skin tone etc. The idea is that every Cinematographer will be allowed to adjust the lighting levels, use filters, pick lenses, change camera settings, in your case use HDRX if you want to and use a custom post workflow with color grading in order to create the best looking image out of their camera. We’ll be testing all of the cameras during the week of February 20-24th in Chicago.

    Zacuto will be documenting the different approaches that each Cinematographer takes with their camera and post workflow and this will be turned into episodes of our Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 documentary series. We will also be taking all of the final footage from all of the cameras tested and showing it in a series of blind screenings at NAB and throughout the world, which will also be included as commentary in our final documentary as we have done in the past. Furthermore, most of the camera companies involved are sending a representative to be on set and also be interviewed as to what is unique about their camera, technology and workflow and this invitation is also open.

    We want to be transparent with the testing process, so we are hoping that the community can give us your recommendations as to the best people to represent the Epic. The key here to remember is that your representative will have complete control to light, shoot and color grade. No one will hamper him/her to achieve their best look for the scene.

    Well, this will be entertaining, but it won't really be a camera test, will it? I mean, really, if all that is variable, then it's all about the cinematographers' skill and personal aesthetics.

    Bruce is great, and he knows a lot about cinematography; I'm sure he'll design an interesting and challenging setting. But with those rules, it won't really be a camera shootout at all. It'll be a cinematographers' shootout - more like the cooking contest shows on cable than a camera test. But I'll watch it. Like I said, it'll be entertaining. And if any of the people mentioned here are involved, I'll learn a lot too!
    David Fuller
    AirStream Pictures
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    This is a no brainer. David Mullen pretty much only one who posts regularly...who shoots features.
    And he shot one of the first early Epic features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Battistella View Post
    Mark Toia

    Because I see him consistently bitch slap people with footage.
    I also trust him to take it through post properly.

    Agreed, Mullen or Toia. Both make beautiful images and Toia in particular isn't afraid to voice his opinions no matter the consequence. Mullen may edge him out though, because he's like a human cinematography manual.
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    Roger Deakins... oh, wait...
    Ken Willinger S.O.C.
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    What? No one wants me to do it?


    Seriously, Mullen/Toia sounds great.

    We should mention Gunleik, Ryan Walters, and a Rossi/Hutson team.

    Here is what I expect to discover: Modern cameras kick ass, but there remains room for improvement.

    I also expect to discover that I'm really not interested in 2K cameras.

    As described, I also expect to get a good insight into how some top notch cinematographers approach this sort of thing.

    I would like it if instead of inviting a "representative" from manufacturers, that you invite their engineering teams to submit tests and procedures.
    Alexander Ibrahim
    Director & DP
    editing/color correction/compositing/effects
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