NZ10K of Bush Telly gear has been stolen by a former member of the crew from Christchurch New Zealand.

Bush Telly gear is often loaned to members of the crew who return it and they have often loaned their own gear to Bush Telly so it has been of mutual benefit.

Alexander "Sasha" Shamilov was loaned this gear by me late last year. I only found out a few weeks ago that he is now living in UK and the gear has disappeared.

Formerly living in Christchurch New Zealand

Now living in Clitheroe, Lancashire, United Kingdom

He had "borrowed"

1 Sennheisser MKH70 shotgun microphone
1 Rycote windsock system
1 Vinten 3441-3 Vision 8 pan and tilt head
1 Vinten 3770-3 ENG Aluminium 2-stage Pozi-Loc Tripod Legs
1 Tripod kit bag, head manual, maintenance kit, snow shoes, tripod floor spreader and plates.

More details at

Any help getting the gear back much appreciated. He may have also stolen gear from other people as well.

Mike Peters