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    Senior Member Adam Clark's Avatar
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    yeah, my wife took a picture of me embracing my red one before it was packed up and sent back. find peace in that you will quickly forget your red one love when the epic-x bombshell arrives at the door.
    Adam Clark
    Trick Digital
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    I had similar feelings when I sent my R1 in to be traded out for my Epic. Man that camera helped me learn a lot and help brake down some walls of doubt by producers. I still miss it but man the new one is a lot more........well everything and doesnt give me a sore back at the end of the day.
    Good by old friend......
    Epic Forged Monstro (Camera 101)
    Epic X (Tribal)
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    I still miss my R1. It's like my kid went off to college or something. She doesn't call she doesn't write...
    J.D. Frey
    dead workers party
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