Thread: Are there focus-enhancing programs?

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    Martin. That was hilarious. You greatly enhanced my evening. Thank you.

    Sorry OP :)
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    Saw a 'making-of' on the 'Rules of Attraction' BluRay that featured a very cool difficult scene (definitely worth a watch. I saw his technique stolen recently on a tv commercial). Unfortunately, Avary noticed after shooting that it was out of focus - and he was able to save it to some degree (still a bit out of focus, but better). You might try using NeatVideo first to remove any noise, as you don't want to sharpen noise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elsie N View Post
    Paul, I may have dreamed this but I really think I saw something, and I thought it was here on Reduser, that suggested Adobe had actually managed to take a single out-of-focus photo into Photoshop and re-focus it. But I have no link to anything relating to that, so it could be as you say.
    Elsie, I think this is what your talking about. I saw this a while ago...

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