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  #1 MEIZLER MODULE - Sneak Peak 
    The MEIZLER module... the brainchild of Steven Meizler , Instigated by David Fincher, and co-developed by RED and the 3ality Technica, is finally complete. Lots of excitement at RED STUDIOs today as we fired up the first units today.

    It KILLS Medusa DEAD.

    -Module base has 3 lemo powered outputs for Focus/Iris/Zoom for Heden or Preston lens motors. Plug in your motor of choice and you are set.

    -Module has full wireless lens control built in for 3ality Technica, Preston and eventually other lens controls. No more MDR hanging off your camera. Just show up with hand control of choice.

    -Module has built in wireless timecode receiver. - Jam camera timecode wirelessly from sound cart etc. No more Lockit box via velcro hanging off the side of camera.

    -Module has wireless Audio receiver built-in. - Send audio wirelessly to camera from anywhere..... audio is embedded into clips on the R3D file on your REDMAG.

    -Module has wireless 1080p Video transmission built-in. - You heard that right.. We finally figured it out. less than one frame latency.. with a healthy working distance.

    -3rd front lemo can power Cinetape if Zoom control is not needed.

    - V-LOCK plate on back. One REDBRICK powers everything including the camera.

    Physical ports ( on right side angled backwards )

    1x 2B Lemo DSMC standard input power
    2x 2p 1B accessory power output
    1x 9p 1B Gig-E
    1x 10p 1B 232/422
    1x 4p 0B CAN
    1x HD-SDI video BNC
    1x genlock BNC
    1x timecode BNC
    1 x D-Tap output

    - Optional active REDMOTE tether mount to mount your REDMOTE and charge/send signal to mount on rails, side, etc.

    Solves so many problems i probably forgot to mention a few.... all in a couple of inches.

    Watch the video.. you are not gonna see much.. but you will see enough.

    Full reveal we are going to let happen naturally as they roll out onto multiple film sets in a couple weeks. For the rest of you, you can see it and place orders at NAB. Ships in the summer sometime.

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    Senior Member Joseph Coleman's Avatar
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    J.H.C Epic-X #03520 (Sherry Baby)
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    Uh wow. I want one.

    Does this replace the Pro I/O or just augment it?
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    jarred, can you post the r3d clip? ;)
    RED EPIC-X Package
    RPP 300mm T2.9

    filmjobsae [a] me [dot] com
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    WOW!!! This is HUGE! Thx
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    Wow, this is great news. I can't wait to use one.

    Thank You.
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    Wowzers. Amazing.

    EPIC-W + Epic Dragon
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    Senior Member Rob Anderson's Avatar
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    Grinning ear-to-ear. Simply awesome. Every week, new reasons to be glad I made the plunge and invested with RED.
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    Very cute :)

    Brook will love this!
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    good old Berlin
    wow thats superb!!!

    Please add:

    1 Dtap
    adding wireless control for Cmotion! (In Europe Cmotion and Arri are the number one wireless lens control units)
    and please....2nd monitor out so we can use EVF and TS LCD at the same time.
    hotswap ability for the Bricks

    this would be the total cinestyle rig, while keeping the size small of the epic....charge extra for the things i mentioned, no problem :)
    red is not a color, it's a camera.
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