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    the only disappointing thing i see....
    is the pixel motion retiming in PPro that was in CS4 and removed in cs5....still hasn't found it's way back in....

    not sure why....the tech is the same as before and is currently in AE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Kopriva View Post
    We have some SpeedGrade videos in the pipeline. I think that they'll be up in a little more than a week.

    I'll link to them from the Premiere Pro team blog as soon as they're ready.

    You guys are doing an Amazing job. I'm so excited abt this release..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Kopriva View Post
    I will happily divulge details of pricing and availability. Just not now. Soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Winokur View Post
    Can anyone tell me if RedColor3 is currently supported by Adobe Premiere? Is that something that is working in the CS6 advance copies you've seen?
    We have RedColor 3 and magic motion working in the labs... I can't promise when we can get it out...


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