Piranha has long been a staple of my post workflow, as a diehard linux user. But I'm happy to report (unofficially, as I'm not employed by IFX) that IFX Piranha is now available for OS X, as well as Linux, at an absurd price... $995. Piranha is a complete end-to-end post suite in a single application... Conform, Edit, VFX, Paint, Color (w/ rotos/secondaries), and Render from a single tool, entirely hardware accelerated using NVidia cards (though supposedly will also run similarly well on ATI cards on OS X). Piranha provides complete support for R3D and RedCode workflows.

Unless I've misunderstood something, it appears that the entire software suite, including real-time HD-SDI in/out, Stereo and 2D-to-3D Conversion, are included for that price. Also, it appears they have created a downloadable trial.


Please, people, check this out, for my own sake; - I need a larger community of users to share experiences with!