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  #1 Camera Firmware + RCX Pro Build 13 beta (includes RED player and Photoshop Plugin ) 
    Releases tonight if you stay up long enough :)

    New in RCX Build 13:

    RED PLAYER - Stand alone player for R3D files. Rocket enabled. Allows quick and simple single window playback of R3D files.
    R3D Photoshop Plugin - You gotta see this one...

    Camera Firmware:

    New Autofocus Algorithms
    Fixed duplicated columns in 5K playback
    Changed PL Lens auto-detect feature to DISABLED
    Removed "INTERNAL" sync option
    Fix for record freeze with saturated image
    Fix to disable DC jack reads if an error occurs during reading
    Fixed 2K format Histogram clipping issue
    Fixed REDmote drop down height of one element
    Fixed notification for HDRx warning during cal
    Fixed black shading problems at non-default exposure times
    Fixed camera status information to reflect correct gamma curve
    Fixed code to disable RAW button during record
    Fixed invalid OSD when lens data changes
    Fixed presets to enable menus on HD-SDI monitors
    Fixed led indicators for the rear battery status
    Fixed frame rate indicator in side handle display
    Fixed raw exposure meters to match raw exposure view
    Fixed overflow when calculating raw clip levels
    Fixed drop downs so artifacts are not left on screen
    Fixed hang in UI when using keyboard entry
    Fixed code for faster PL mount lens data updates
    Changed Media UI to add media percentage and number of clips on media
    Changed Media UI to add cancel button to the media format and secure format
    Changed F-Stop advanced UI to add lens auto-detect enable/disabled feature (PL only)
    Changed Eject and Format buttons in format dialog
    Changed Monitor Control UI to add non-standard frame rates for HD-SDI 720p, UI is available for non-standard rates
    Added SMPTE 352 payloads for 720p
    Added save mount type when lens is disconnected
    Disabled OSD for HD-SDI 720p > 30fps
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    nice, RCX just get's better and better. Keep em coming!
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    Dude. Red Player = Awesome. Playlist I assume?
    This plugin..... May make my head explode if it does what I think it does!
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    Can't wait on the Photoshop integration!
    Brad Allen

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    Morning here. I'll be up and waiting to dig into this! :)
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    Okay, that is it, I'm seriously learning how to EDIT, and this way next time I wan't miss dead line either... ;)

    You guys are far beyond been on FIRE TONIGHT GO JARRED!!
    Philanthropist | Filmmaker | Photographer

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    This is $1500 software, right?

    Nah... it's free :)

    Fucking love RED.
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    Hey Jarred, I think you posted the wrong release notes, bud :)
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