Now that Red is mastering Laser projection techniques.
What if we could have a Red mini laser projector, with a 4K input from RedRocket on the back and a PL mount from the front. This mini (and crazy) PL mount projector can be mounted on a Red camera to project a 4K image direct on the sensor, turning the camera into an R3D recorder. A software controller to synch the playback/recording process and speed (no need for realtime here) from edited R3Ds or DPx, tiff, exr etc... Back to a Master R3D File for distribution.
I have absolutely no idea if laser can do this safely for the sensor. Or if the laser engine And projector lens can be as small.
For the Red Projector, Red says that no calibration is needed, so I assume they nailed it up stream in their laser technique.
Just thought it might be an efficient and affordable way to make an additional use for those already having the gear.
From an engineering point of view, it might be a funny joke or may be not....