Thread: Powering Multiple Epics from 12volt Vehicle Power

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Bates View Post
    What about an inverter with voltage regulator and power conditioner?

    I'll check out the Meon.

    Build quality can be all over the place - best to look at the end output of the components working together on a scope. Cleaner is better. Smooth, even curves.
    Since "defective power" is a red flag, I would go with the best solution possible.
    If you are using HDSDI displays, they likely have greater tolerance to off voltages than the camera brain. No reason everything needs to be powered from the same source.

    Meons have been out there for a while. The new version I learned of was found at this link:

    Cannot vouch for it as a solution to your specific needs, but it does seem to have enough outputs for motors and displays.
    Let us know what you find out.
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    If you want to keep noise to a minimum you could think about 8D deep cycle marine battery + inverter. They are rated around 250 amp-hour. Make sure it is deep cycle otherwise the battery can be damaged if you discharge more than 60%. Downside, 8Ds weigh 150+...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Bates View Post
    Thanks Pawel and Victor!

    What about using an inverter to go to 110, use a voltage regulator and power conditioner to clean it up, then run RED/charger/power to each camera from that?

    If worse comes to worse I can use batteries. I am just trying to avoid the hassle.

    Thanks again.

    You can do this and it should work, just not as efficient as what I suggested above.
    I guess I'm trying to makes things as efficient as possible as my little studio runs entirely on solar and there is 12V supplied from led acid batteries. No mains power at all :)
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