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    I just recieved my new ET EVF mount for my Epic-M. There are a lot of solutions out there for mounting the Bomb EVF to your Epic. I've been using a heavy-duty noga arm so far, as the others out there have not been perfect for me. ET has finally answered the call! Their new EVF is exactly what I have been hoping they would deliver. With the fantastic ET build quality, its similar to the bigger brother model that has been standard issue for R1. But is appropriately lighter weight as needed by the Epic and Bomb EVF. It can move into virtually any position needed and maintain level with the camera. To me, this is the perfect mount.

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    can we say it's bomb proof hehe

    yeah i love mine, best way to rig an EVF; super sturdy and solid build all around.
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    Does your Right Angle video cable fit in the front of the EPIC with that mount on?
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