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    I dont know if this is across the board or if im just becoming aware of it, but im getting very frustrated with the multiple allen head screw sizes and torx screws.
    i have to say, overall there arent many sizes on the cameras, but this is whats frustrating.

    i just received a couple of battery modules and adapter plates for the back of the epic.
    i removed the m4 screws from the backpack plate. metric screws on an american camera. but other screws on the camera are american, like all of the 3/16" screws. different tool set.
    then i get the adapter plate and they are T20 torx screws. i love torx screws, but why, in the same threads, are we putting in a different screw? new (unnecessary) tool.

    no only that, but i cant even put the backpack on the back of any of the accessories, but the accessories just fit where my backpack plate was located.

    any particular reason why red is using different screw heads? it just seems like an inefficient oversight and typically in film were are very much hoping for efficiency and ease.

    its really not a big deal, but its irksome and, i would think, not difficult to be consistent.
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    welllllll Cinema Oxide offers a pretty handy set of "swiss-army-knife" styled torx all-in-1 tools for cheap.... (allen keys too)


    Stu Aull
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