I just had my RED ONE MX out on a rental last week. When I got it back i had several issues. I have resolved most of them, but one is annoying and sticking around.

When the camera returned I realized one of my 'Globalmediapro' batteries had been dropped. It was working ok, but the chip was no longer reading and the camera was no longer seeing the voltage on the screen. The RED Bricks I have were not powering the camera at all. I realized this was a connection issue, so I serviced the pins on the battery plate myself and got all the batteries powering up the camera consistently and there was no issues, other than now ALL the batteries are not showing the voltage on the camera, it just says DC power... As I understand it the crew was using a power takeoff adapter mounted between the battery plate and the battery, and when this was plugged in he said all the batteries were not reading voltage on the camera as this was a third party device between the batteries and the camera. It looks like this device has now caused all my batteries to no longer read voltage on the camera, is it possible it burnt all the batteries chips?

What is going on!?