Thread: Side Handle Red Volts don't always fit?

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    I've ran into this problem with a couple of side handles and a variety of redvolts... no single culprit. Happened while shooting a bunch today, but it was really hot - not sure if heat made things worse or not. It hasn't been so bad that anything has been unusable, but its definitely not a matter of simply lifting up on the tab and inserting the battery the first time.
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    Yeah, I think heat has a lot to do with it. It's the only variable I can think of which could explain why sometimes the batteries are easily seated and other times it's a struggle.
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    Thanks all.

    Please let me know. I can't really shoot without the side handle and would be interested to see how long it takes to get it fixed.

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    I'll be sending my SH back this week, and I'll report back once it's fixed. I have every expectation RED will get this minor problem sorted.
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