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  1. #1 Red Charger not working on one side? 
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    I finally deduced that the right side of my RED charger is not working. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any advice on getting it repaired?
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    When you say not working, is it completely dead, no LED that side at all, even when switching on the charger, or it lights up but doesn't charge? If the latter, does the same battery charge up on the good side? I've had Red batteries (especially well used ones) sometimes be fussy about charging on one charger but not another, or only when they had cooled down a bit after being on the camera.

    If it's completely dead, Red Europe will sell you a refurbished one with part exchange for your faulty one - not sure if other Red sites will do the same. It wasn't mega cheap, but probably cheaper than time and effort fault finding and repairing it.

    Mine was completely dead both sides, and would have done part exchange, except I was an electronic engineer and worked out which components to replace and fixed it myself. If you're not electronically trained, I'd go the part exchange route, as LiIon batteries need delicate and strict charging control to avoid fire hazards!

    Or you could try contacting the original manufacturer Blueshape if all else fails.
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