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    What pelican case and other components are on there?
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    looks like you have limited room for your mouse? I used a eXpress for my custom pelican case when I had a MacMini. For PC it's nice to have the DiNovo Mini. Sold the MacMini (Intel HD Graphics 3000 is a POS) now I'm using a MacBook Pro.

    here are some pics of my case.....nowhere near as cool as yours but I also spent a fraction of the price. Really wanted a Dragon Case those things are a beauty but I don't have that kinda cash at the moment. For $3k I can get a custom DIT cart (Raid,Monitors,Cart,PowerSupply etc) that can handle a full on big budget production... maybe when I have the change to spare and when my scarlet kit is 110% complete.

    Power Supply installed along with lid stays

    almost done early testing and prototype

    wood is trimmed

    Cherry Layer =)

    on set

    I call it the Delta Flyer, it's been going through battle testing since Jan'2012, on tour with Ben Howard in 15 Cities 400 miles a day, Commercials, Features, Shorts you name it. I've had to go back to the drawing board since I ditched the MacMini but now I'll have to reconsider other options after seeing your beast! Still waiting for ThunderBolt to become stable and with full on support/accessories not to mention stupid delay on IvyBridge Macs (Couple more weeks!).

    Thx for sharing Bradley your system is badass (Sabertooth is a great board), wish I could see it in person and poke your brain about it. I'm glad this is becoming more common it's a great solution for tmrws next gen data wrangling. Having a unit so small and portable really is a game changer. What is your protocol for Alexa workflow? As much as I hate to say it most of my DIT gigs have been Alexa.
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    Clever acceleration,
    I bet we can still use this bad ass in 2020, like we use our G3 Now.

    Just jokin'
    Nice work, extremely quality machines.

    @Cid.. What's your Custom case (fully equip) true weight?
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    Trash-Can 12-core Max'd-out) +MBP (Retina), RED Rocket (Sonnet), RAID system (Promise Pegasus II), Adobe Production (CC), FCS2, Resolve 12 with MC Color, 50" 4K Panel
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    I hope so Kwan. Nice to see that technology can live on to support another side of things once it becomes obsolete... that is great!

    I don't have a scale at home, but I would say around 35lbs (guesstimate).

    I am actually looking to upgrade the mother board and a few components in the next few weeks. Looking at a EVGA SRX???
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    Is there a market for systems like this still? More so on set transcoding, grading and other DIT processes more so than wrangling?
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    how does it cool itself/ where are the exhaust vents?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley Stuckel View Post
    Is there a market for systems like this still? More so on set transcoding, grading and other DIT processes more so than wrangling?
    a straight up "wrangling" job is a treat..

    never get those..

    most of my jobs are 2-3 camera shoots, data management + transcoding, and some DP's want me to color the dailies for them

    My DIT position has turned more into an onset post supervisor/assistant editor position more than anything else..
    I of course always work the cameras, mostly at prep I set it all up, check the cards, so on.. and occassionally on my non-regular crews, get asked to help the DP with exposure and setting up the camera for different frame rates/shutter/ dial in any color (mostly alexa for this.. aka.. dial out the famous green cast)

    But I monitor the cameras, watching for focus, and %

    I don't think I have actually had a single job this year that required just data management..

    so yes.. there is a market for me at least, for large systems..

    my next buy is 2 DNxHD/Pro Res recorders, hopefully bypass my transcoding (unless i need to apply color)
    Zakaree Sandberg
    Cinematographer / Local 600
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    There are 2 fans with vents on the side, 2 in the back, and one directly off of the power supply on the other side.

    Thanks for the info Zakaree... and I must agree that recorders would be a great asset to avoid transcoding and creating dailies. If applying color would it still save you time??? Less processing?
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    I'm just waiting on the arrival of my Wrangler workstation from 1beyond (

    Mine is Dual E2600 Xeon, 12core/24 threads with dual Quadro4000's. Built in RedMag reader, SxS reader, CF reader. I put in 4x 512 GB SSD's as internal RAID storage and have an external eSATA raid for more storage. Runs RedCine-x Pro, ScratchLAB, Resolve and CS6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Webb View Post
    That is bad ass. Mind if I ask what you got in your case, and what it cost?
    If you are in LA for Cinegear, come check us out at the Student Filmmakers Booth. We are introducing the Storm Dragon MK II. With a whole lot of new improvements. These are intended to be very affordable, and while we sell them as PCs, if someone chooses to put an alternative OS, they are compatible lol.

    Jon Firestone
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