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    Sorry, I don't really have details. The guy at Red who was the contact for HP said they made the product and had sales. Don't know quantities or anything as to pre-production or productuon units. Just trying to clarify some were sold, that's all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by egon touste View Post
    macs are nice toys.. they are shiny, their progress meters are accurate!
    Egon, you might want to take another look at Apple. For instance... HP just announced a new 15" workstation (ZBook 15u)... thin, light, powerful - competitor for rMBP. Comparing it fully loaded to a fully loaded rMBP this is what you get:

    Processor - HP i7-4900MQ, rMBP i7-4980HQ <faster
    Memory - HP max 32GB DDR3 1600 <more, rMBP 16GB DDR3 1600
    Hard Drive - HP max 2x512GB SSD (likely max 600MB/s), 1TB SSD (1GB/s) <better design & faster
    Graphics - HP Quadro K2100M, rMBP NVidia GT 750M <tie
    Display - HP 1080p <really? , rMBP 2880x1800 <much better

    Price - HP $5700, rMBP $3100 (I imagine that not many people pay full list for HP stuff... but I'd expect the discounted price to be in the mid $3k range).

    Dimensions - HP 9.98 x 14.78 x .84(front... gets fatter in the back) 4.23lb, rMBP 9.73 x 14.13 x .71, 4.46lb

    I don't know about you... but IMO the rMBP is the better system, and for a lot less money. This is why I don't pick on Apple much anymore, because for comparable quality systems they're very competitive (and the rMBP runs Win8.1 as well as any comparable system). If the rMBP had 32gig of memory I'd call it about as close to perfect for my use as I can get in a laptop (well... a 4k display and higher end graphics would be nice... but that just getting greedy). I don't understand why PC makers think 1080p is acceptable for display resolution STILL, there are PHONES with better resolution.
    David Kuhn
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    Apple must be doing something right since everyone is still trying to match their mystic.

    Look its a computer, it works for some or most of us.

    It doesnt require me to have to pull whats left of my hair after my nephew visits a few sketchy websites (thanks Mine Craft :P).

    Sure next time dont let him touch my Windows box, its my work place I get it :)

    Of late I would let them go nuts on my Mac Pro and really the only thing to worry about is them changing my desktop background ;)

    Sorry, fun experiences during the Holidays.
    < Someday I'll be cool enough to have something witty here >
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    I've been using PRORES in Windows using the MIRAIZON plugin in Adobe Premier. Cheap, good and reliable.
    Based in Baltimore / travel worldwide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcos Montenegro View Post
    I've been using PRORES in Windows using the MIRAIZON plugin in Adobe Premier. Cheap, good and reliable.
    +1 especially with the new version. Haven't touched my Mac Pro since integrating this plugin.
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