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    Hello Vegas users. I just want to ask what settings you use to render for viewing on youtube/vimeo. I've been using the Internet 1080p under Sony Mainconcept AVC/AAC but I'm getting a lot of noise. Haven't found that right setting yet. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I don't know what the bitrate is for that template. Try inceasing the bitrate. I use 12k for 30fps HD content and 10k for 24fps content. I'm sure this is lowered by both Vimeo and Youtube, but at least you start with high quality. I've heard from others that the Sony AVC codec doesn't do well with lower bitrates. You could try the Mainconcept AVC codec as an alternative if you need to keep the bitrate low. It also has the added benefit in Vegas 11 of using Cuda to speed up the encode (if you have a valid nVidia graphics card).

    How much noise does your source have? I use the Neat Video filter to clean up noise on my Red footage and it works very well.
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