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    I am pretty sure I have already seen a thread on this issue before but could not find it so here is my question: I am exporting from Premiere cs6 using the vimeo presets included. The file I get is completely washed out compared to what I was seeing in Premiere (and had graded with Resolve). Any clue or trick to get it right?

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    This is hardly enough information to help you. Washed out usually means wrong gamma. Playing through quicktime is not good; check with VLC or another good video player to verify the gamma in the file is correct. Otherwise post more system information and what you have done to test for different results.
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    Apple doesn't deliver Quicktime files to their consumers, and you shouldn't either.

    Just by exporting to the .mp4 container using the Mainconcept codec should deliver better results.

    Also keep in mind that if anything is color managed in your chain you will see something different in a non color managed environment.
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