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  #1 Steven Sebring " Emily " Shot on Epic-M Monochrome 
    Fire Chief Jarred Land's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Sebring is one of our go-to guys with new stuff, and he gladly took on the new Epic-m Monochrome and put it through it's paces for WOLF magazine.

    Here is a 720p version of "Emily" , I will post a 2K and 4K version next week. You wont believe how good this looks in 4K.

    This was shot all at 2000 ASA....

    The Monochrome sensor really is incredible.. You need to use it to get a grasp of just how powerful it is.

    Everything is just better.. better tonal range, better use of compression, better detail.

    Shot with a Cooke 18-100 with a mix between 24-96fps.

    8:1 and 10:1 compression !!

    Ryan De Franco, a regular here, was AC on this shoot. He can chime in on the details.
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    Senior Member Ryan De Franco's Avatar
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    the monochrome sensor is so good it's not fair. you shoot with it and you want to throw your bank account at it from the moment the camera boots up.

    I did some tests for this shoot, The first shot I did out of the box I pointed the camera at subway tracks and hit "on," my jaw fell apart. the tonal differences between shadow and light are incredible.

    this sensor sees as much texture as our eyes do. sometimes more.

    people wonder if the camera really is different from a desaturated color image… yes. yes. yes. yes. especially with a human face. desaturated color looks like desaturated color. on the monochrome, with all information devoted to luminance, the camera takes on an incredible character and texture--in a way no digital camera ever has. Sven Nykvist would be proud.

    I urge you, test for yourself. your eyes will ignite.
    The more opinions you have, the less you see.
    Wim Wenders
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    Mmmm. That high key material looks real pretty.
    Phil Holland - Cinematographer - Los Angeles
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    Crazy Pretty -- the video is nice too :)

    Paul Ellington
    director/dp & writer

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    Senior Member Nick Morrison's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Ok, that was insanely good. AMAZING JOB. My fave Wolf magazine post to date.


    I mean, that looked SICK. That was clean, but DIFFERENT. It just POPPED. I'm still kinda gulping trying to get a handle on what I'm seeing.

    Amazing job. On the shoot. And RED...with this cam.

    Nick Morrison
    Founder, Director & Lead Creative
    // SMALL GIANT //
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    Senior Member Clint Lealos's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Good god! That looked rad. Kudos to Mr. Sebring and the Red team. Makes me dream of a Scarlet-M :)
    Clint Lealos
    Cinematographer and Photographer

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    Nov 2011
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    Pleeease get me out of this 8 bit world!
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    totally fabulous!

    VFX, Cinematographer, Photographer
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    Dec 2006
    Having shot with the Monochrome M today its amazing to see the tonal versatility of this sensor.

    Our shoot wasn't nearly this dramatic but as you'll see tmw there was a specific look/vibe they were going for and it nailed it perfectly.

    I love the way the B&W sensor retains even peaked highlights and flares without seeming desaturated or devoid of subtle character.

    Jason Diamond
    The Diamond Bros.

    2 x Monstro VV Stormtrooper / 2 x Gemini / 2 x Komodo
    Leica-R Duclos Cine-mod 16mm-180mm
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