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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    My expectations are that anyone who doesn't own an EPIC will after Nov. 1st.

    +! Yeah Baby!!!!!
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    oh shit!
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    i love you guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    Everything in the electronics world changes... usually for the better, cheaper and faster. EPIC just did.

    We have learned how to make EPICs in quantity, lowered our assembly costs, found better suppliers and paid off our NRE.

    That means we can continue to charge the same for an EPIC (and now make an obscene amount of profit) or lower the price.

    Those of you that paid the initial price hopefully got your money's worth. It was the best price we could offer at the time. You rented your cameras. You used them to generate income by shooting projects.

    The industry struggles how to handle it when technology gets better for cheaper. We just tell the truth.

    We are ready to lower prices on EPIC.

    So if you bought an EPIC did you lose? Only if you did not put your EPIC to work. These are professional tools. They need to work. That is your responsibility.

    Is your EPIC still relevant? Absolutely. Can it be upgraded to Dragon? Yes. Is it frustrating that you paid $X and it will soon be sold for some percentage less than X? Yes. But this is the nature of electronics. It has been. It is. And it always will be.

    I paid over $2400 (in 1984 dollars) for an original 1984 Macintosh. That is over $4000 worth of today's money. It had no hard drive. It was 128K of RAM. 3.5" floppys. All I could do with a 1984 Macintosh was MacPaint and MacWrite.

    Today... for $4000 you can buy an iMac with a ton of RAM and a bazillion times more in storage that is 10,000 times faster and more capable with a billion times more applications. If you thought the world was changing rapidly then... hold on to your hat. We now live in the world of exponential.

    So. We could easily pretend and invent a new model to justify a lower price with higher performance. You are too smart for that. So are we. Instead... we will just lower the price of EPIC.

    EPIC continues to be modular. Dragon will be an upgrade. Meizler is a module. All is good in the world if you accept the fact that everything gets better, cheaper, faster and for less money over time.

    If you bought an EPIC in the past 30 days... we will offer a credit towards accessories. That amount will be posted along with the new EPIC pricing. Nov. 1st is when it happens.

    Here is to transparency and honesty. Here is to the future. This is all an experiment. Let's see how it goes...


    This is the first time EVER, in my life that such an honest given fact is render public by a CEO, and it is truly an incredible act of good will, and good investment on your customer, us, not just saying this because it could not have come at a better time, being the fact that I am about to buy few more EPIC cameras for my first movie "RAPE of a BEAUTY" which at last is going to go in to Production shortly, but because this is ONE of the MAIN reason why I am with RED and no other company, not only you guys give me the Best camera, but give me the best Service, and this also proves that you look at us differently then others do.

    I sure don't see the ARRI or CANON or SONY cameras being lowered in price in their same model form when originally came out, in fact prices are going higher much higher... What I am trying to say Jim is... THANKS FOR CARRYING!!

    F I L M M A K E R


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    Read it again "If you bought an EPIC in the past 30 days... we will offer a credit towards accessories. That amount will be posted along with the new EPIC pricing. Nov. 1st is when it happens."

    Still a little freaky feeling when you just spent 90k a week ago on Red cameras and they lower the prices. I hope is a good sign and not a bad one.
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    If the Epic-X brain drops below $30K that would be pretty cool considering the competition, namely Alexa and F65. If it drops below $25K, that will turn a lot of heads. If it drops below $20K, it will be a shot heard around the world. If it drops below $15K, it would be game over to a certain extent. I don't expect it to drop that low, guessing somewhere between $20-30K. But perhaps there are also new package deals that will be offered at very attractive pricing meaning one could get a shooting package for the price of what it currently costs for the Epic-X brain alone.

    Intriguing to say the least. Didn't see this coming, at least not this soon.
    Steve Sherrick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gundu View Post
    I wonder if the Dragon upgrade is still going to be 6K?
    Yes.. Still 6k. Dragon has actually gotten more expensive to make because we needed to respin the ASIC to go along with the recent improvements of the sensor... but we are keeping the price the same as quoted.

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    So what am I supposed to do with the money I was just about to drop on an Epic-X?

    Ah wait, it looks like the Meizler Module just crept into my shopping cart.

    It is incredibly refreshing to see how RED operates...I was going to say behind the scenes but when you are open and honest that term doesn't really fit...maybe....up close and personal on these forums. The camera is great, the service is great, the company is stellar but the star of this show is the community that you guys develop when you put out posts like this one. Everybody buys into it and everybody wins. Knowing that the people you hand over your money and trust to actually care and are open and honest makes a huge difference. Makes me feel like part of the community even though I've never met anyone from RED.

    It is always nice when an investment pays off like the epic has for you guys. Nice to know that hard work and pushing the envelope pays off.

    I bought my first RED camera last Nov. 3 so I figure I'll wait a few days after the prices are listed and celebrate our first year anniversary with an epic.

    Thanks guys

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    Jarred, will these efficiencies and price reduction include the Mono as well?

    And one more thing... Thank you man.

    PS: holding the line on the Monstro upgrade is a genuinely unheard of... And deeply appreciated.

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    Great news.
    Might open me the doors to slow motion projects
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