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  #1 4K Delivery... get ready. 
    I know we have been harping about 4K distribution forever... but it is about to get very real.

    Now is a good time to figure out ( if you haven't already ) how to prepare, conform and finish everything important that you have shot in 4K. There are going to be alot of people very happy that they chose a camera that was ready for this whole new world of distribution.

    The Consumer Electronics Association has finally laid down the UHD 4K rules for Displays... and they don't take kindly to anything below 3840 x 2160.. In fact.. they don't allow it.

    4K Displays are here. and their prices are dropping every month. Soon they will be in reach of the masses.

    And then there is REDRAY... the crown jewel of 4K content delivery.

    Next month we start shipping 4k REDRAY players to alot of new eyeballs.. consumers and professionals alike.. and they are going to want the same thing... 4K content.

    For REDRAY we have partnered with one of the most innovative content distribution companies that both content owners and viewers have ever seen...and we built it right into REDray.

    Expect the official REDRAY and 4k Content Distribution network announcement along with pre-orders to happen in a couple weeks.. but I thought it was important to give you all a heads up so you can prepare.

    Our Production Lines are churning.. manufacturing is ramping up.

    We are ready.... are you?

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    Yes thanks jarred
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    Holy whoa!

    Paul Ellington
    director/dp & writer

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    I am
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    I have SOOOO thought that infrastructure was the reason for RR NOT hitting the users yet.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

    Now, why not just selling 4k editing/finnishing systems for 5k?

    Without screens, but with a turnkey solution at a low price.

    That would make 4k delivery take off.

    DCP publishing software
    RedRay publishing software




    Love this and congratulations!
    Life is good. So is RED...
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    Now that's eye candy.
    Jacob Schwarz
    Director / DP
    Monstro 8K (Storm) 33 / Forged Helium 8K #29 / Epic-W
    Follow Me: Twitter / YouTube
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    For me , this is a more significant announcement then any price drop.
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    Amazing news. Yet again!
    Samir Patel

    profile photo courtesy @kris_tamburello
    Stealth Weapon-MG and EPIC-W with some vintage Contax-Zeiss and Leica-R goodness and some Canon and Nikon modern glass just for good measure.
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    Now that's eye candy.
    O.. and of course... Every REDRAY player Designed, Manufactured and Assembled proudly in our factory in Southern California by some pretty bad-ass techs in some pretty bad ass lab coats :)

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