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    Quote Originally Posted by Samir Patel View Post
    How long would the R1 run on one RED brick?
    Depends on the accessory load (EVF, monitors, audio phantom power, etc.) and the ambient temperature, but we typically get about 90-100 minutes from a RED Brick.
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    Thanks Tom
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    does lens data(f stop) show up on any monitors for the r1?
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    AFAIK it works with Cooke lenses that transmit the information, and on certain combinations of Birger Mount with Canon lenses.
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    Does switching resolutions (Basically, project settings) to access frame rate changes, i.e., going between 4K @ 29.97 to 3K @60fps or even, 2K @120fps for slow motion, always require un-mounting and reintroducing a SSD (64GB Redmag) that matches (via formatting or pre-formatted) the current project settings on a R1?
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    Hi everyone! I apologize for the newbie question, but here goes: I just received a 7" Red Pro LCD I purchased from another REDuser, and when I plug it into my battle tested Red One, it just has a blank white screen. Is there a setting I might have to change within the menus to get the LCD to work properly? The seller tells me that it worked fine on his Epic before shipping, and suggested since I live in Burbank I should drop the camera by Red and have them take a look at it. This is the first LCD I'm trying on the camera, but it was one of the battle tested bunch so shouldn't that mean Red checked it out before shipping to me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Christopher Gallego
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    Has any body ever used or heard of this mount? Is This worth buying at all?




    I have recently tried an FD mount for the REDONE it looks exactly like the Nikon dumb mount but it did not infinity focus even when it was back focused. I found this that FD - mount on EBAY, never again.....

    any thoughts would be appreciated if someone had come across the leitax mount and is this worth buying.


    From NZ
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    The Leitax products are well made. This one does void your RED Warranty (If I recall correctly, this, and the actual FD mounts that replace the PL base and PL mount from Red all do).

    This is not really a field swap. It is more a case of a mount replacement to let you use your EF lenses for an entire project. It would be tedious at best to reswap during a production day to go back to PL or other systems while in production.

    Glassless FD adapters that use the stock RED PL base can not reach infinity, because they are too far forward of the image sensor to get the rear element of an FD lens into the right distance from that sensor.

    EF adaptors on R1 likewise.

    The Allstar system is Red approved, but has not yet issued either an FD or dumb EF mount. They may need to create a different base, to deal with the shallower distance to the sensor for these lenses.. and may thus have to dig further into the front of the camera than Red will want to sign off on.
    Alternatively, it may mean that Allstar has to provide 2 types of adapters to work with a Canon compatible base unit.. as the depths of all their current adapters in the system would now be too close to the sensor.

    If they do solve this, rest assured that it will also be well made

    Basically, they are worried that you will damage info cable and possibly other parts of the front of the camera when installing the base units for these Canon Adapters.
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    im sure its been answered but is the reason some of the r1's just have "RED" on the side of them and others have "MYSTERIUM-X " on them because the "RED" is the old red ones that have been upgraded with mx and the "MYSTERIUM-X" is the newer batch that were mx from the beginning.

    sorry for lame question, just something that i was wondering....
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