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  #1 MEIZLER MODULE + Apple ProRes 
    I am proud to announce that the Meizler Module now supports recording to ProRes to REDMAG Mini cards.

    You will be able to record 720p, 1080p and 2k in ProRes 422 LT and HQ flavors.

    Sample record time on 256GB REDMAG mini : 6.5 hours @ 1080p 24fps 422 ProRes LT , or 16 hours at 720p 24fps 422 ProRes LT
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    very cool, a mini proxy recording module on the way too??

    Would love to test a mini proxy recording module if you need it!!!

    thanks Jarred!

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    So is Prores HQ 4.4.4 or 4.2.2 capable ?
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    must... get.... meizler... module....
    Adam Clark
    Trick Digital
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    Boom. RAW + Edit media downstream from real-time, non-destructive color adjustments. The lab is now on the camera :)
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    Shit just got real.

    FCP X also supports Native R3D editing as well now.
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    Cool Jarred I want!

    P.s there will be a interesting Q PMed to you today ;)
    Brett Ogden
    Sales - Digital Cinema & Broadcast Division
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    Brett (at)
    RED Digital Cinema Authorized Reseller
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    Price of those Mini Red Mags? Sizes?
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    Great news,

    Would love to know the maximum quality on 2k.
    Michael Angelo Costelloe
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    Very very interesting!...

    Will there be/ is there any way to record a 'Raw' type stream into pro-res (basically something similar to the Log-C type flat profiles), thereby creating a pro-res file with maximum latitude and colour depth, to enable the pro-res to be used for Online editing and finishing when it isn't cost/time-effective to go back to r3d?...
    Adam Etherington
    UK Based DP - 35mm/s16mm/HD
    Representation: Independent Talent - +44 207 034 2132
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