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    Many cinematographers have now embraced RED.

    I want to call out a select few tonight.

    Andrew Lesnie. "The Hobbit". December. See it. Believe... the biggest RED movie of all time. Actually the biggest movie of all time. Wait for it.

    Dariusz Wolski. "Pirates 4". "Prometheus". "Loom". "The Counselor". The Price of Darkness... talent times forever.

    Don Burgess ("Forrest Gump"). After demanding a test between RED vs. film before shooting "Book of Eli" four years ago, Don has now shot six features on RED, including "Flight" and the soon to be released "42". In his words, after a career of shooting film... "I now shoot RED".

    Jeff Cronenweth. "The Social Network". "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". "Hitchcock". Magnificent images. All world. Oscar soon to be spoken here...

    Simon Duggan. "Knowing". One of the 1st RED features. "The Great Gatsby". One of the best features.

    Peter Deming. "Oz. The Great and Powerful." Chroma times a million. Terrific.

    Peter Andrews. Nine features shot on RED. "Ché". "Guerrilla". "The Informant". "The Girlfriend Experience". "Knockout". "Contagion". "Magic Mike". ""Side Effects". "Behind the Candelabra". The RED record. God love Steven.

    John Schwartzman. "The Amazing Spiderman".

    Trent Opaloch. "District 9". "Elysium". Put your helmet on...


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    That's really an amazing list, Jim! Congratulations on your achievement! You changed it.
    Something witty this way comes.
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    Have a cigar! :)
    Life is good. So is RED...
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    Great assembly of great DPs Jim
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    Fantastic list indeed, and knowing this is just the start... Priceless... ;)

    Truly looking forward to the Hobbits, just trying to go past the disappointment that NO place in Italy will have it in 48fps 3D or 4k, if I get crazy I might just jump on a Plane an go see it at the premiere in NZ, and bring Mr. Monochrome with me to get some serious NZ B&W footage in the process.. ;)

    Btw Jim, did you get a chance to see the Skydive Dubai piece I Directed and shot together with Joe Jennings, Jon Nash, Tony Augustinack and Joseph Hutson?

    PS: if the mention and link above is too of topic here, my apologies in advance and please remove, just that I really like you to see it and your opinion of my first big job as Director and Cinematographer matters a lot... ;)
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    Such a great list and equally impressive a hell of a lot of visual variety.
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    I'm not sure if anyone noticed yet, but this months American Cinematographer is chock full of Red.....

    We are all a part of the same list... Dp's shooting the RED system. And I think we all love it.
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    I would love nothing more than to one see Roger Deakins and Wally Pfizter on this list. Nevertheless, this is a very impressive collection of talent.
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    Peter Andrews. :)
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