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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignacio Aguilar View Post
    Yes, Nick, they mostly used Contax as the base for their anamorphics, though some sets (problably ordered by JDC et al) may have used actual cinema lenses. Neither Standard Primes nor Superspeeds have such round bokeh as these Cineovisions. Do you think it’s a new iris or just regular Contax?
    Yeah I think it's a new iris. No Contax I know of has circular iris!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ignacio Aguilar View Post
    The 24mm FD 1.4 L (or the SSC) is wonderful. Great quality and beautiful flares, maybe the backgrounds are a little softer with that lens and the focus falloff is less abrupt than the typical Zeiss, but here it matches well enough IMHO!
    Yeah we're LOVING our 24 FD, and yes does seem to match nicely! Just used it last week for the first time!
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    The coating is different on my 20mm than the Zeiss. Also it has a nine blade iris that seems aftermarket as it opens well past 3.5 but the glass is limited to 3.5. Somewhat of a disappointment but a nice lens for S35.
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