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    Greetings everybody. As official information comes in regarding Dragon I'll be posting links to that info and uploading some useful graphics to help visualize Dragon's feature set right here in the first post of this thread.

    ** Updated 10/20/2014

    Dragon Models and Pricing:
    - Epic Carbon Dragon **: price = $50,000, availability = Shipping now!
    - Epic-M Dragon: price = $29,000, availability = Upgrades currently happening!
    - Epic-X Dragon: price = $24,000, availability = Upgrades soon and some have happened. New Brains soon.
    - Epic-M Monochrome Dragon: price = $31,500 (Brain Only), availability = Shipping now!
    - Scarlet Dragon: price = $14,500 (Brain Only), availability = Shipping now!

    ** The Epic Carbon Dragon features a carbon fiber exterior, magnesium alloy internal frame, and magnesium PL mount. The combination of these things shaves exactly 1 pound off the camera body's weight. Note there are now Magnesium Lens Mounts for Canon EF, Nikon F, and Leica M as well.

    Epic Upgrade Options:
    - Epic-M owners can pre-order the upgrade for $9500
    - Early Red adopters can pre-order for $9500 and receive a $1000 store credit when invoiced.
    - Epic-X owners can pre-order their upgrade at $9500 4/11/2013.
    - New Epic-M Dragon cameras will be sold for $29K, pre-orders now. Ships after Epic-M owners have had their chance to upgrade.
    - Epic-X Dragon cameras will be priced at $24K, shipping and release information unknown at this time.
    - It is possible to upgrade to an Epic Carbon Dragon for $19,750. Contact your Bomb Squad Rep as this is a special process.

    Scarlet Upgrade Options:
    - Trade in your Scarlet-X to upgrade to Epic-X with the Mysterium-X sensor for $9500. Upgrade your Epic-X to Full Epic Dragon for an additional $9500.
    - Upgrade the Scarlet-X to Scarlet Dragon for $9500. Scarlet Dragon will be a 5K, 60fps camera.
    - Upgrade your Scarlet-X straight to Epic Dragon for $19,000.
    - Pre-orders for upgrades begin Thursday, upgrades start in July.
    - Scarlet Dragon price and availability TBD.
    * There are no plans to be able to upgrade from Scarlet Dragon to Epic Dragon at this time.

    Other information:
    - Is the Red One eligable to upgrade to Dragon? No. Epic was the upgrade path for the Red One. (source)

    What Does the Epic Dragon Upgrade Include?
    Learn more here:

    Official Red Dragon FAQ

    Red Dragon - What is 6K?

    Red Dragon - Multi-Format System

    Red Dragon - Format Aspect Ratios

    Red Dragon - ISO / FLUT Breakdown

    Red Dragon - ISO Examples

    Red Dragon - Film Relevance

    A quick look at the Sensor Chart too. Notably Red's Mysterium-X Sensor at 5K FF falls just within Dragon 5.5K.

    Red Dragon - GUI Overview

    Red Dragon - Black Shade, Temp, and Fan Info

    Red Dragon - On Screen Exposure Tools

    Red Dragon - In Camera Exposure Tools

    Red Dragon - Focus and White Balance

    Red Dragon - REDCODE RAW and REDMAG Info

    Red Dragon - Anamorphic Shooting

    Red Dragon - Format Key 2014

    I have split up the Format Key into two pages. 6K-4K and 3.5K-2K. There's a good deal of productions now shooting at 4K and up for a 4K finish and they may only need the first page.

    Red Dragon Record Times 24fps 256GB REDMAG

    * note - Record times are for a stock 256GB REDMAG and don't reflect the additional REDCODE Compression Ratios available on the 512GB REDMAG and other high speed media cards.

    Red Dragon Interchangeable OLPFS

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    Thanks for doing this Phil,

    As always, your effort and presence on the forum is truly appreciated :)

    Edit: just a heads up that the source for the new color science seems to be pointing to an invalid link. :)
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    Nice. I look forward to the pages growing.

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. This has everything that was asked and answered to. Thanks again.
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    Looking good Phil - should be a wild ride!

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    Nice post as usual, Phil.
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    Thanks for doing this Phil. You are on the hunt for the 1,000,000 questions.

    May I ask where the 30.7x15.8 came from? Your link shows Jannard saying 30x15.8. Curious because I've never seen the 30.7 number and that makes a considerable difference to me, as I'm doing Pythagorean theorem calculations to see what the image circles will be to cover.

    Thank you Red Team for unlocking/correcting the i/data technology. Cooke lenses are reading correctly and all his happy in Cooke/Epic land. Thanks!
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    A wild ride!! and a whole new world of possibilities. THANKS RED !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Patrick O'Hara View Post
    May I ask where the 30.7x15.8 came from? Your link shows Jannard saying 30x15.8. Curious because I've never seen the 30.7 number and that makes a considerable difference to me, as I'm doing Pythagorean theorem calculations to see what the image circles will be to cover.
    It does make a difference for sure. I did the calculation based on the pixel's micron size and it was confirmed in August by Jarred in that summary post I made, the other source cited. That's correct as far as I know at the moment. If we're talking square pixels and that calculation is correct than the size listed makes sense.

    I've already made a coverage chart for the expected formats, but since the format's haven't been officially "locked down" I don't think it's a good idea to release them just yet because anything can change. The key bits are what's being shown on the Red Dragon and Film Formats graphic. The diagonal on 6K Full would be 34.54mm with the sensor size above.

    **edit, found the post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    10% larger both ways is a good ballpark... 30.7mm x 15.8mm
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    Data Sheets and Notes:
    Red Weapon/DSMC2
    Red Dragon
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    this is great and i can't wait for there to be even MORE to add...
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