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    Getting ready to shoot on a Gimbal tonight and i can't find the cover for the camera body where side handle fits..

    It doesn't balance with the side handle on . So, that's out .

    I don't really want to shoot with the printed electric circuits exposed . I live in Portland, so i can't run to Red and get a new one today.

    Does anyone have experienced with this? Should i try to cover it with something?

    Gaffer tape doesn't seem like an option .

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    Just cut-out some cardboard, or soft plastic sheet to shape and then secure with gaffer tape. The cardboard will do just fine, but if you want to go fancy - just go to your local art-supply / hobby / craft center and get a sheet of plastic soft enough to be easily cut, but hard enough - so it does not bend on its own...

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    Hey bro I'm actually in bend and I've got a few of these and just p.m. me and I'll send one up to you
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    What Peter said. Or just stick a strip of gaff to another and tape that sucker up. Not a big deal. Just don't get any dirt or water in their and you really don't have much to worry about.
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