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  1. #1 Heat enviroment condition - Solution for shooting with scarlet-w 
    Hi guys,

    which solution to work with camera (scarlet-w) under the sun or with extreme heat enviroment condition?

    As the camera make long take under the sun even if with umbrella, the camera make this issue: just on monitor

    Someone told me about the dry ice on the camera, but i'm afraid that can cause condensate and broke the camera.

    Please help. Thank you.
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    Whoa, must be a faulty monitor or a bad brain (knock wood).. Have you try other port or with other monitor? I never have heat problem when shooting under the sun, here in the humid sunny weather tropical region of Indonesia.. I just set the temperature target at 44 C and everything is fine. The 4.7" monitor is rather hot but mine is still going strong.
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    Thanks Audy i'm going to set the temperature target the same of yours and check it out. However is not my camera i'm helping my friend that doesn't speak english and had this issue on set... i'm going to try this on mine soon as arrive next week. Thank you.
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