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  1. #1 Recovering footage from a REDMAG? 
    Out shooting with my Scarlet, play back the footage at the Pub during lunch. But when I get home the only footage on the mag is from a previous day. the odd thing is the media has 61GB of data, the only .RDM folder visable contains 31 clips and contains 42GB of data from the previous day. The Camera now only reports the same 31 clips from the previous day, not today's footage.

    Is it posible to recover my footage?


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    That's a strange issue if you played it back at lunch. Data recovery looks like your next step. RedUndead would be my first try. Then maybe something like Stellar Phoenix.

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    No luck so far Redundead is rulled out as I have PC not Mac, Stellar Phoenix I think can't identify the RED files as media and tried an undelete programe that in a few moments finds nothing.

    But thankyou for the advice
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    Find someone with a MAC and run REDUndead - it will recover every file that hasn't been overwritten; even files that have been 'erased' by a mag reformat.

    There has to be someone that you know with a MAC? Another shooter in your area? Someone from here on the boards would probably help if they knew where you're located.
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    REDUNDEAD is your best bet. If you can't find access to a Mac, then your next best bet is to try and find access to something called a phone. Contact RED, they can probably help you out.

    ...Yeah, kinda wish they would release REDUNDEAD for Windows. Running into the "our company doesn't use Macs" here and there with clients. I haven't had to use REDUNDEAD myself in well over a year <knock wood>, would be nice to be able to run it on any of my workstations, not just the Macs.
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