Thread: One stick or three, when do people like the Monopod over a Tripod?

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  1. #1 One stick or three, when do people like the Monopod over a Tripod? 
    Hello all,
    When all is said and done when do you find the Monopod the weapon of choice?

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    When tripods are not allowed, are too heavy/bulky to transport, there isn't room at the location, or when the shot needs a bit more flexibility of movement than a tripod gives. But not much good for lockoffs, and pan/tilt may be difficult/impossible, and won't handle a big rig.
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    As above - or when I need to go low, I'll attach the monopod to the top plate and hold the cam down by my ankles without bending over… (someday you won't want to bend over anymore either).
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    I use a monopod on every single shoot. I hardly ever will have the camera on a tripod, unless im doing an interview. I feel that having the slightest movement in shots puts the viewers in the scene more. You'll notice that a lot of new tv shows always have some sort of movement in every shot. When you have a piece your editing and every shot has movenent, then you cut to a tripod shot, I think the piece slows down. Even the slightest bit of movement helps.

    Using a monopod also conserves your back. Hehe
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