Thread: FOR SALE: Miller Compass25 Alloy Tripod with Dolly (Like NEW-Never used)

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  1. #1 FOR SALE: Miller Compass25 Alloy Tripod with Dolly (Like NEW-Never used) 
    I would like to sell the following items:

    1. 2 units x Miller Compass25 Fluid Head and Tripod Legs sets (with bags) = Asking price is USD 3000 each (Brandnew is USD 4000 each)
    2. 1 unit x Miller MD Pro Studio Dolly (with bag) = Asking price : USD 650 (Brandnew is USD 840)

    As you can see they are all in PRISTINE conditions.

    I would also like to inform you that these items are all NEW as it has never been used. The reason why we are selling these items is because there is a mistake in ordering them in the first place. Client is actually looking for Vinten Tripods (which we at the end of the day bought 2 Vinten Tripods (V8AS series))

    The dealer that we bought these Millers are not accepting return for some weird reason and we believe someone could really make use of these high quality product from Miller.

    Thank you

    P.s. I do have more pictures on the items. Pleas do let me know if you do require more pictures.
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    Who's the dealer that's not accepting returns?

    That's a great tripod head, for the money it's hard to beat. Where are you located?
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    I bought it somewhere in Malaysia. The rules and regulations is a bit pain in the a#@ here.

    Anyway, shipping cost will be shared based on whatever method or shipping company for those who are interested to get it.

    For something that is brandnew, this is a lost if you asked me.....but the items are not mine and hard to get good buyer in Malaysia for the moment for these items.
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    Hi Ezmeer,

    Which part of M'sia are you located?
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    Kuala Lumpur
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    Great items.
    I wish i could afford the fluid head to put on my gitzo legs...
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    The Fluid head is so nice. I wish I can afford it too......I am just a reseller here.....(helping someone to sell it back due to the mistake they have done when ordering).
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    would you just sell the Miller Compass25 Fluid Head w/o the tripod legs ?

    If so, what would be the price ?


    - M
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