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    It is true that RED settled the case with Arri and Michael Bravin. We've had a barrage of inquiries and unfortunately we cannot give you all the details because we have a confidential settlement, but ... I can say this. We are very happy with the terms of the settlement with Arri and glad to have this behind us. It's now time for everyone to move on and concentrate on the future.

    I also know that the case between Band Pro and Arri is not settled yet. Hopefully they will settle in a way that Band Pro is as happy as we are.

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    Excellent. Good to know that it's part of the past.
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    Before further speculation runs rampant, it might be a good idea to lock this thread. You got your point across and hopefully that settles the matter in everyone's mind.

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    this is good news to everyone, thanks for sharing

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    Great to hear man : )

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    nice to reach a speedy conclusion, hope the same is true with sony. my dad's going to trial tomorrow on a case that's been 10 years in the running, and even if it was appropriate to tell all the details, it's really not all that exciting. freedom from conflicts (especially the potentially lengthy kind) is always a win.

    now... NAB seems to be approaching speedily :)
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    Water under the bridge and the future gleams brightly. Its all good...

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    It's good that it is settled.

    All I care about is what you guys are going to do next. (and that means in the camera department not the legal department)

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