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    Quote Originally Posted by David Battistella View Post
    Why do I feel that this thread may seem irrelevant within about 72 hours?

    these things happen and "sometime", (quite some time) into the future this will be settled.

    Until then, I have a great tool in my hands and no-one is going to tell me to destroy it. :)

    its pretty simple.

    Indeed, it is best not to be unduly concerned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KETCH ROSSi View Post
    Sorry that it hasn't for you, but in the in the 2 years I have been working with the various Redmotes, never had a single issue, and always worked flawlessly and saved that day in more then one way.
    How can I put it: you're on the lucky side. Love our 3 Epics, love the concept of the Redmote but I've NEVER had a single day w/o any problems of the Redmode (when in use). With every single firmware and new antenna they can't get a steady connection. Not 1m apart, not even directly attatched to the right side of the cam.

    It's a great intention with a poor implementation.
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    hehe yep, i never ever used a redmote which worked flawless, always losing connection or initial problems to get it connected. I think i have had more than 10 different ones in my hand, always problems, just doesn't work, i never use it.
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    Bruce... you have little to no knowledge of the history of the invention apparently. And while you certainly have the right to your opinion, patent and trademark laws are to protect all sorts of rights. If you come up with a unique story and a large company reads it and takes it from you, you just might find that you would have a change of heart. No one wants to donate their work. And asking me to talk about the history behind the scenes on this forum is not going to happen.

    I love your work and your ideas, I just don't agree that everything ever created should automatically become public domain. That would discourage all creative thought and taking risks to produce.

    Additionally, RED pays many companies royalties to use patented technology.


    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Allen View Post
    The camera industry is not just Sony and RED. And digital cameras are just getting started.

    What is really sad is that this litigious environment RED has created through their actions discourages the NEXT innovative camera companies from getting started.

    If the only people who can make cameras are those with deep enough pockets to handle RED suing them... that really sucks a lot for filmmakers who want to use innovative tools.

    Think about the computer industry. Would it be awesome if it were just Apple and Microsoft fighting? No. It would suck. Having an industry controlled by litigious companies sucks. They need a Google to keep them honest. And let's face it - with all of this litigious nonsense, RED is looking to be more of a Microsoft than a Google.

    Bruce Allen
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    The fact is that unless companies and individuals agressively fight to protect what they have created others will happily and easily claim it as theirs and profit from it for free. It sucks. Under the current system in the United States and most of the world a patent only protects your right to profit from your hard work if you have the financial strength to initiate and sustain lengthy fights with super giant corporations who think it's easier to take what others have created for themselves. I salute Red for fighting.
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    Im with Ketch on this. I have used my REDMOTE over and over again.. in side Deep Epic and from over 50 yards away in open ground and time and time again it has worked as described or better. Its hard for me to believe it was thought up by Sony with this kind of record. Or maybe the ones that don't work came from that technology
    Quote Originally Posted by KETCH ROSSi View Post
    Sorry that it hasn't for you, but in the in the 2 years I have been working with the various Redmotes, never had a single issue, and always worked flawlessly and saved that day in more then one way.
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    Google? Really? LMFAO
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    It's usually the small companies with a lot of passion and dedication that innovate. It is hard and expensive for them to protect their IP. I know this because we have filed a patent for our integrated lens mount/housing technology. It cost a lot in R&D. And, it costs a lot to protect it. It is typically the large companies that lack progress and innovation and chose to play the bully instead. Having worked in Japan and being very familiar with Japanese culture where innovation is usually copied rather than initiated, I have a sense of what is going on here.

    Has anybody seen Sony's filing? It would be interesting to see what it says.

    I wish Jim and RED good luck with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael AvMen View Post
    There was a Time when You could Patent a Product, but only For a Limited time. Then it became Public domain so that the Public could improve and Evolve the product... This is Video 1, there are Four.... its Enlightning, Apple being the worst of them all when it comes to Copying others work, then suing when it gets copied. Shameless.
    Damn, I like those videos!. They tell the truth about everything. Good find.

    My advice: License each other technologies and be in peace, and donate those millions you are going to spend in lawsuits and lawyers, to the 900 million people in the planet that lack the access of clean water.. (dreamer!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elsie N View Post
    (...) Thank goodness we haven't gone all Socialist in this country yet!
    LOL And only with this quote, you'd surely have already my vote (E :-)
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