Thread: gunna build a new hackintosh.. advice?

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    Also, in terms of using a mac mini as your offload station...

    It only has 1 thunderbolt port instead of 2. This means you could max out your bandwidth pretty quick (as opposed to a Retina MBP with 2 ports).

    New MacBook Pros are expected in June with release of new Haswell CPUs from Intel. Might be true for Mac Mini too. Something to consider if you can wait 2 months.
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    I would not concern myself with Thunderbolt in the Hackintosh. There are no worth-while motherboards out there that have Thunderbolt on them, IMO... Sad, but true, they're all geard toward low-end desktop configurations.

    I also recommend waiting for a new Mac Mini if you can. On the other hand, unless they redesign it, which is highly unlikely, you won't gain any new or different ports. We'll see an updated version of Thunderbolt late next year.

    Not going to start spouting hardware recommendations or anything here. There's tons of that info already and I'm trying to get the last of my stuff done to head to NAB today. haha...

    Forget the GTX580's -- get GTX680's or GTX Titans (OSX 10.8.4 has Titan support!). We'll see at NAB what Resolve 10 brings us in terms of GPU support. Currently, there's little to no difference when you run dual GPUs vs. single GPUs. Adding that second GPU makes Resolve turn your first one into a GUI only card and it just uses the second one for compute. CS6 currently uses one GPU, but it was just let out the other day that "the next version" will support multiple GPUs for export/render from Premiere.
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