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    Great news. I'm really happy to be a red customer.
    Probably won't be able to upgrade in 2013 but at least it will give me time to think which option I should go hehe...
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    If Scarlet Dragon did 6k/24-25p, there'd be a lot less hesitation to upgrade to it... I mean, even 6k WS at 24/25fps... That said, I doubt it'll happen simply because it didn't happen on the Scarlet-X (no WS or Ana modes with a resolution bump.)

    It's ironic really; on one hand, in terms of resolution, 6k doesn't really tickle my fancy... HOWEVER, the 1.2crop (full Dragon frame) of 6k definitely floats my boat. That's also what makes the Scarlet-to-Epic-X vs. Scarlet-to-SD a difficult one; Epic-X at 5k is a larger crop compared to Dragon at 5k, right?... But if the DR and low-light improvements of Dragon are as substantial as I'm expecting, s35 will suffice.

    I anxiously await some .r3ds to play with.

    Also they haven't discussed compression ratios yet either, right? I know Dragon is supposed to be clear, but I still don't want to be locked down to 8:1 max or something... 5:1 is where the awesomesauce is.
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    I guess I'll be getting an epic then! This is really awesome.

    Will the Epic Dragon upgrades be going on at the same time as the Scarlet ones?

    In the past serial numbers have had a real meaning in terms of a line to get new cameras.
    I have a fairly low Scarlet serial number.

    When I trade in my Scarlet and get an epic, obviously I will be getting a much higher number.

    Does this matter any more?

    Nik Harper

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    I know I might be making an ass out of myself by assuming but the Scarlet Dragon should have 6k regardless from what jarred said at the end of the (NAB13- Dragon Sensor Upgrade Program begins) thread announcement he posted:

    "Scarlet customers, we will be giving you the option to upgrade to the Epic M-X or directly to 6K DRAGON sensors and ASICs. Details will be announced tomorrow morning for upgrade pre-orders beginning on Thursday."

    (Sorry I Haven't figured out how to quote from other threads on my iPhone yet). But it should be safe to assume the ones who go with upgrading to a Scarlet Dragon will be getting some form of 6k recording out of it. The fact only remains what it'll be like with the scarlet X and get only up to 12fps or a usable frame rate up to 30fps who knows, hopefully full specs on it will be coming Thursday for it so we can all make a good informed decision about it.
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    I'm guessing Scarlet Dragon will be 6K at 12fps, no more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Garrick View Post
    @ Liam ....................surprised you have any money left after Nepal ! ; )
    Definitely a few rupee short of a Dragon I'm afraid Mike :) So greatly appreciate RED's long term/big vision approach to looking after us.

    Feeling pretty rich on experience and footage though :))
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Sauve View Post
    I'm guessing Scarlet Dragon will be 6K at 12fps, no more.
    I'd be okay with that. The bigger issue for me is whether there will be an upgrade path to Epic Dragon...
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    I'd like to know....

    6K Max Frame Rates
    4K Max Frame Rates

    When my camera gets Dragon does this include the new Fans or is the Fan Upgrade completely separate?

    As far as I know from the past theres no time frame for upgrading, I mean if you have a Mysterium R1 I'm pretty sure you can contact your Rep and go MX.

    I personally can't do an upgrade this year.

    If Scarlet Dragon doesn't do 6K at speed or 4K at HFR I really dont know what avenue I'll take.

    6K @ Speed is the deal breaker for me but I really like the idea of keeping my grey body.

    If the Epic-X route was cheaper that would be my path.
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    Some math, assuming Scarlet Dragon 5K will be 5120 pixels wide...

    Scarlet Dragon 5K would give us 15% wider FOV than Scarlet MX 4K (5120/6144*30.7=25.6 mm VS. 4096/5120*277=22.2 mm)

    For reference,
    Epic MX 5K has 8% wider FOV than Dragon Scarlet 5K (27.7 mm VS. 25.6 mm)
    Epic Dragon 6K has 20% wider FOV than Dragon Scarlet 5K (30.7 mm VS 25.6 mm)

    This 15% wider FOV translates to 27% more shallow DOF if I'm doing this right. I'm assuming the same CoC.

    Somebody might want to double check these calculations but if they're accurate I think it's great for Scarlet Dragon owners!
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    VAT is a non issue, certainly for RED. VAT is a UK governance issue. All of us (UK citizens) have a moral duty to pay our taxes and also enjoy the freedom to use the full power of our accountants and tax system to limit our tax liabilities. In the UK being VAT registered means you'll get your VAT back, as I'm sure everyone knows. If you are a professional user you'll more than likely be better off being VAT registered. So go register right now.

    If you need VAT advice get an accountant, or a better one. I'd hope Jared et al have bigger fish to fry than our tax positions.

    Of course if you can afford a camera like this without it being a business, then you camera is a really posh toy. Enjoy it, but pay up.
    UK based RED filmmaker.
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